The Prayers of the People of the Book

by britishmisk

Abu Layth on Seeking Ilm had a very interesting post where he linked a video to a form of Jewish prayer that is very very similar to the Islamic prayer (Salah):

Then wandering around You Tube for a little while, I came across this:

Then I remembered seeing this on TV a while ago:

Coptic Christians in Egypt and Ethiopia performing Sujud (Prostration). Subhan’Allah! This goes to show the truth sent to Muhammad (SAWS) was from Allah as it came to confirm what came before him and renewed the teachings of the all the previous noble Messengers (Upon all of them be peace). Generally we don’t see Jews or Christians performing Sujud, even though the Qur’an, Bible and Torah tell us the Messengers prostrated to their Lord. Which also shows us how many of the People of the Book have abandoned, and gone astray from their original teachings. May Allah guide all humanity to Islam.