The 10 Rules of Debating

by britishmisk

As per the request of my eminent teacher and Sheikh to all of his students, Imam Suhaib Webb has asked that the following 10 rules of debating should be posted as far as wide as possible on the internet.

These were 10 rules outlined by a great Hanbali scholar who was received by an individual who asked to debate with him. He agreed to only continue if he could pledge to stick with the following rules. Something the youth (Esp the young online debating lovers should take heed of):

1) Don’t get angry
2) Don’t get tired
3) Don’t think of yourself as magnificent (3jeeb)
4) Do not be judgemental
5) Don’t laugh
6) Don’t make your opinion an evidence
7) If we ask you about something, Know our intention is the truth
8 ) If we ask you about something, know our intention is to know your points better
9) Both of us make truth our objective, not victory.
10) Don’t talk to anyone else except who you’re debating with.

Needless to say the individual left.