Panorama 3-D (Possible) Representation of the Prophet’s (s) House

by britishmisk

MR shows us again why he is the net’s No1 Muslim blogger, this is really amazing:

3-D Representation of the Prophet’s House. Beautiful!

“The picture shows a replication of The Prophet Mohammad’s (peace be upon him) House. The model of the house was built to give people a glimpse of the way the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) lived. This house is just a part of a bigger exhibition of the life of the prophet (peace be upon him).

The house was reproduced based on authentic narrations that describe the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) house.

The Exhibition is held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.”

It’s too bad this had to be done because the Saudi authorities felt it necessary to destroy the Prophet’s (SAWS) house, as well as other historical buildings because of what they call “shirk”. See: Save the Hijaz