Book Review: The Path of the Worshipful Servants – Imam al-Ghazali

by britishmisk

The Path of the Worshipful Servants
‘Wow’ is a word I would definitely use to describe this book. Short, simple, to the point, and powerful. Reading the pages of this book made me reflect on my day to day actions as a Muslim and the implications they have on my future and hereafter. For me it really put things into perspective and made me reexamine my intentions and thoughts behind my prayers and good deeds.

A good first read for anyone interested in traditional Tasawwuf/Tazkiyah, or if they want a good introduction to the works of Imam al-Ghazali. Some first timers to this subject may be put off by the extreme ascetic ideas purported by the Imam. For example early on in the book he talks about how a truly devout servant of God should expect to be able to wander the desert without any provision and put all his trust into God to provide for him. Although the Imam answers the question that is not taking provision for a journey in itself God providing for the traveler. One thing to keep in mind is that al-Ghazali himself wandered in the Arabian deserts for a decade, it left me wondering, if he was the subject of any if not all of the many miraculous anecdotes he relates in his book of the ‘Awliya of God traveling without provisions. Allah knows best.

It definitely reignited my passion for the works of al-Ghazali, and I ended up placing an order for Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad’s translation of book 40 of ‘Ihya Ulum ad’Deen which has recently been republished along with a number of the Islamic Text Societie’s other translated books by al-Ghazali.

May Allah reward Muhtar Holland for his efforts in translating this fabulous piece of literature, and may Allah raise the rank of His noble servant Al-Hujjat al-Islam Imam Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazali.