The ‘Amal of Medina and the People of Najd

by britishmisk

Yesterday I was reading parts of an article on Mas’ud regarding the evidence for Sadl in the Maliki prayer. When I came across this:

Imam Malik and the Madinans have added another criterion to accepting the khabar al-wahid apart from what which is mention in relation to Imam ash-Shafi’i and Ahmad: that the hadith in question does not conflict with the ‘amal of ahl al-Madina.

The ‘amal of ahl al-Madina as a juristic principle states what Malik mentioned above, that Madina is the inheritor of the sunnah of the Prophet and the sunnah of the Sahabah, and hence the entire city is the visual legacy of the Prophetic Sunnah. The proofs are the ayat stated above, along with ahadith:

My community will not agree on an error.


Madina is sacred, and throws out its dross as fire cast out the dross of metal.


Islam will cling to Madina as a serpent clings to its hole.

Today the People of Najd (Aka the Salafis/Wahabis) control the Blessed City of Medina. Those who have had the gracious opportunity to visit the city will know of the incessant policing carried out by the religious authorities in the city, which is most highly visible at the blessed grave of our Master Muhammad (SAWS) and Jannat al-Baqi. The repeated phrases of “Bida’a! Bida’a! Shirk! Shirk!” are heard constantly around these areas.

The main reason why they put individuals in these areas in the first place is to stop large numbers of people carrying out what they believe in their opinion are incorrect “idolatrous” practices. While there are people who will do things that they shouldn’t, the majority of what they try to stop people from doing are on the whole accepted by Orthodox Islam.

Now if we put the Ahadith I mentioned into this context, that the city as a whole will cling to the true form of Islam, that incorrectness and heresy do not exist in the city, then who is in the wrong and the right? The majority of the Muslim Ummah are doing things which they believe, and rightly so, are absolutely fine to do, but this small minuscule minority of Muslims are trying to stop them. It’s like a stone in the middle of an ocean, staying put and refusing to move but all the while waves are crashing down upon it from all directions.

The opinion of the majority is correct according to the Prophet (SAWS) which over the course of history has proven true. Yet the Najdis believe they are Ahl al-Sunnah wa’al-JAMA’A…I think given what they keep trying to stop people from doing shows the opposite. This alone is evidence I think to disprove the school of Muhammad ibn Abdal Wahab.

But that’s just me.