Hajj Tips

by britishmisk

For those of you blessed with the opportunity with going for Hajj this year, here are a few tips I would give from my experience of going last year:

1) Be Patient! Most of the time you are going to be waiting a VERY LONG time for trivial things. So keep this in mind and just keep your cool. Don’t get angry or annoyed at all.

2) Medicine. You are 99.9% likely to get ill. Take antibiotics if you have them and wear a face mask. (Note: Wearing a face mask is not permissible as part of ihram in the Hanafi school. Wear it when you are not in ihram).

3) Salat al-Janaza: Almost after every prayer there will be a funeral prayer, not very important point but something to keep in mind.

4) Footcare: Apply vaseline to your feet after every day. Make sure you buy a decent pair of sandals, some people just end up buying cheap Chinese made flip flops and end up paying the price for it. In the Hanafi school the main bone of the feet has to be visible (The bit where men get a little bit of hobbit hair) most sandals will fulfill this requirement.

5) Arguments: Ignore anyone who tries to argue with you. One thing to keep in mind is some men and women will pray together, and some people really don’t like this, I’m still not sure whether it is permissible or not. But if you are traveling with a woman pray in separate areas and set up a meeting point for afterwards.

6) Check your Fiqh: There are quite a few different opinions regarding the rulings on Hajj. Find a book or teacher of your madhab and learn the rulings for your school, in particular where there are things other people will do differently.