Make MSN Messenger work as it should on Windows 7

by britishmisk

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A couple of weeks ago Microsoft forced me to download and use the latest version of MSN Messenger which since it came out of beta I have avoided as it is quite rubbish.

As I’m running on Windows 7 the new MSN works slightly differently than it did on previous Windows environments. Rather than having the icon in your tray next to your clock, it is now stuck to your desktop with an incessant number of windows open and annoyances in switching between conversations ensues.

I came across a rather straightforward and very simple fix for this so that it works the same way as it does on previous versions of Windows:

1. Exit Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger completely (Right click on WLM button/icon on Taskbar and select Exit).
2. Go to Start Menu, locate the Windows Live Messenger shortcut.

Tip: It’s also possible to deal directly with the actual WLM program, msnmgsr.exe located in %ProgramFiles%\Windows Live\Messenger\ folder.
3. Right click on the Windows Live Messenger shortcut or executable, and select Properties.
4. Go to Compatibility tab.
5. Tick the check box for Run this program in compatibility mode for under “Compatibility Mode”, and then select Windows Vista from the drop down list.

Running Windows Live Messenger with Vista Compatibility in Windows 7
6. Click OK.
7. Run Windows Live Messenger.

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And there you have it, MSN is back to how it should be.