Avatar-3D: Review

by britishmisk

Something completely different from what I’ve done before, a movie review!

The reason why I’ve decided to review this film on my blog is simply because I haven’t felt like the way I did when I watched this movie, since seeing Jurassic Park in 1993 as an 8 year old. This is a groundbreaking film that has taken cinema to another level.

This was the first 3D film I had seen and it is definitely worth paying extra and going out of your way to see it in 3D. This film defines the term ‘eye-candy’, your mind and eyes are taken on a journey that you have never been on before, the visuals, character design, set pieces are extremely realistic and you feel you are actually there.

The only downsides to the film are the length and story. At over 2 and a half hours I get uncomfortable sitting in the same seat, plus the 3D glasses can give quite a few people a headache after a while. The story is not very original, a guy who feels he is an outcast finds solace in a people who are completely different to him. Add into that the battle between technology and nature, the west vs native indigenous people, you get the idea. But to be honest the unoriginal story didn’t concern me too much, it’s how that story is delivered, which is something James Cameron has no probably in doing. (He is pretty much the only director in Hollywood’s history to make two decent sequels, which speaks for itself).

So go and see this movie if you have any appreciation for cinema at all, and take your kids to see it, they’ll love it. The violence isn’t too bad and the only risque scene is a bit of CGI alien doo-daa, which most kids today will find pretty tame.