Book Review: Al-La Madhabiyya: Abandoning the Madhhabs is the Most Dangerous Bid`ah Threatening the Islamic Shari`ah

by britishmisk

Al-La Madhabiyya is a very popular book written in Arabic by the esteemed Syrian scholar of Kurdish descent, Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id Ramadan al-Buti. It was translated into English relatively recently. It serves as the main go-to book when refuting anyone who holds the opinion that following one of the four established Sunni schools of thought is either not permissible or an innovation. The structure of the book is set up to refute a particular booklet published in Arabic referred to by Shaykh al-Buti as ‘al-Khurras’, it is also interlaced with a debate Shaykh al-Buti had with the late al-Albaani, one of the main propagators of our time of Salafism and ‘non-Madhabism’.

Shaykh al-Buti does an excellent job and leaves no stone unturned in refuting this long-winded debate on following a Madhab, and exposing the ill-natured attempts by some of his opponents in trying to prove the opposite. Though for someone such as myself who has been long convinced of the necessity of following one of the four schools it did not teach me anything relatively new, though it does provide a number of useful references that can be implemented in scholarly discourse or further research into the matter. It is definitely something that can be given to someone who is new in learning about the importance of the schools, or someone who has been exposed to neo-Salafism. It is easy to read and can be understood by younger readers who are more susceptible to the ill-gotten and fraudulent ideas being perpetuated across the internet and published in Saudi funded book houses.

If one is keen to learn more about this subject and would like a starting a point I would recommend everyone to read Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad’s treatise on following a Madhab: Understanding the Four Madhhabs This was sufficient enough for me to abandon my neo-Salafi ways and return to the way of the Jama’ah.

And to Allah is our return.