Who am I to be here?

by britishmisk

I don’t deserve to be here.

Who am I to be standing here?

Veiled behind a golden gate he rests.
If he were to unveil himself I would surely perish.
If after his years of yearning
Majnun were to finally see Layla
he would only wither to dust.

Who am I to be of his nation?
The moon surrounded by stars
this lowly rock passes by.
Amazed by the sights he sees
but never among these true celestial beings he could be.
Take me away from this place
who am I to be here?

Many a mountain has stood in this place.
In their dreams and in the world they saw his face.
I cannot bear my own reflection
let alone his grace.

If this is how I am in front of the beloved.
How will I be on the day with The One who called him beloved.
Woe were I dust floating in the wind.
Anas! Give me your chores
you are from amongst the blessed.
Let this lowly one clean his soul
and prepare to meet the king.

Enter this house.
Destroy the idols of my self.
Bring out the truth that lies dormant.
Perish the falsehood that prevails.

For through you we are saved.
Grant me your intercession on that day,
but before then
beseech Him to grant me your example.
So that I may be worthy to enter the garden of His abode.