Qur’an recitation in the different riwayat

by britishmisk

Following on from the last post regarding me uploading mp3s of Sheikh Mishary reciting in riwayat, I remembered a different website where they had these recordings and plus many more. And lo behold it’s still up and running!:


You can find a large number of different recitation styles from all different Qaris here. If an mp3 is not present or a higher quality version is required feel free to get in touch with me and I can upload the copy I have.

I would recommend checking Sheikh Mishary’s rendition of Surah Maryam in Shubah ‘an-Asim, Surah Ibrahim in Duri ‘an Kisai, and Surah ar-Rahman in al-Bazzy ‘an Ibn Kathir. These 3 of some of the best Qur’anic recitations you are ever likely to hear.

Well that sure saved me a lot of upload bandwidth…