Ustadh Abdullah Ali answers if it is valid to follow the Salafi maddhab

by britishmisk

In the following series of correspondence between Ustadh Abdullah and a brother searching for guidance on his path, Brother Abdullah answers whether it is valid to follow the what we today term as the ‘Salafi’ school:

The answers given are very well rounded and he gives some profound ideas to reflect upon. Although from my previous posts I may come across as being very anti-Salafi I personally don’t believe that is the case. If one chooses to follow the official fiqh of the Saudi government then that is their choice, personally I feel there are more important issues in the world that require the energy of the Muslim world to be focused upon. This is something that is touched upon in the answers given. The reason I have so many articles related to Salafis in this blog is that there are certain ideas held by extreme adherents of the ‘Salafi’ ideology that Muslims need to be made aware of if they choose to go down their path. Most of this is touched upon in the above article, which is one of the reasons I decided to share it with everyone.

And to Him is our return.