Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi on the Syrian unrest

by britishmisk

Historically since the end of the reign of the rightly guided caliphs, the scholars of Orthodox Islam have largely been at odds with their respective governments, with a few exceptions. This continues to this day, and arguably, this issue is more of a problem due to the post-colonial secular governments of the Muslim world.

As a result, the key to understanding who is upon the right path amongst our ‘ulema, is to see who are the ones who aren’t afraid to show their cards when the chips are down. Shaykh Muhammad without any regrets, spells out what is going on in his home country and what needs to be done. What is most admirable is that only very recently he was removed from his position as Imam of the Darwishiyya mosque, for rightly criticising the ‘Mufti’ of Syria for his blasphemous remarks. For those of us outside of Syria his sermon acts as a reminder to pray for the people of Syria, especially since this sermon was delivered, the situation there has escalated. There are a number of hadiths the Shaykh mentions on the sanctity of a fellow Muslim’s blood which every Muslim should be aware of.

Let us try to remember the people of Syria in our prayers, and ask Allah to help them now in their time of need, to remove the tyrants from their ranks and grant them righteous leaders. And to Him is our return.