The Book of Assistance by Imam al-Haddad

by britishmisk

It is not possible for me to truly review this book, because I have found it impossible to find any fault or criticise it for any reason. In addition, this faqir is in no position to assess such a masterpiece of work. Imam al-Haddad’s book is as close to perfection as any human piece of writing could achieve. It is extremely short, and in its brief pages the author manages to cover every aspect of the religion a believer needs to know about in their day to day lives. This book should be given to every new Muslim and should be read by them once they have finished the Qur’an in their own language. With Ramadan coming soon, anyone who is looking for reading material to help them grow spiritually, should consider this title. It would suffice them that if they finished it to read it again numerous times throughout the month and beyond.

May Allah ennoble the secret of Imam al-Haddad and grant us more like him. And to Allah is our return.