Another Year, Another Fallacy

by britishmisk

It’s unfortunate that every year in the UK, the start and end of Ramadan is marred by the so-called ‘moon controversy’. This year it’s been exacerbated somewhat due to the fact Saudi Arabia has announced Eid to fall on Tuesday 30th August, despite the fact it was impossible for the moon to be sighted anywhere in the world at the time they announced it. The only possible location it could be sighted was South America, and at the time of me writing this it’s still daytime over there meaning that the new moon has not been sighted anywhere in the world yet. This time however it wasn’t just in the UK there was bit of controversy, seems now even Saudis are jumping on their own bandwagon, with the Saudi Astronomical Society reiterating the point that the moon would be not possible to be seen.

But none of that makes a difference because apparently ‘Saudi has announced it’ is sufficient evidence to announce the start and end of Ramadan in the UK. Don’t worry about the Qur’an, Sunnah and 1 and half millennium of scholarship, cos hey, a country where it’s illegal for women to drive because it’s ‘un-Islamic’ must be right, even though they are completely wrong.

I’m just glad my local mosque, despite its many shortcomings, has a little bit of sense, and the blessed month carries on for me for at least one extra day. Wherever you are, and whenever you’re celebrating Eid, may Allah shower us with its blessing and let us live to see another Ramadan.

And to Him is our return.

P.S. For an in-depth explanation on how we should be determining the start and end of the Islamic months, I recommend the following lecture by the erudite Shaykh Abu Ja’far al-Hanbali: