“Abu Bakr The Truthful” – Iqbal

by britishmisk

One day the Holy Prophet said to his Companions,
‘The rich among you should give in the way of God’.
On hearing that command, an overjoyed ‘Umar stood up;
That day he had thousands of dirhams.
Today, for sure, he said in his heart,
My horse will take the lead from Abu Bakr’s.
So he brought his wealth to the Trustworthy
Sacrifice is needed to start a project off.
‘Umar’, asked the Prophet, the Sovereign of the world,
‘A passion for truth is the sole comfort of your
Did you keep anything back for your family?—
For a Muslim must honour the duty he bears to his relations.’
‘Half’, he said, ‘belongs to wife and children,
The rest I offer to the Community of Light.’
In the meantime that Companion of the Prophet arrived
Who gives strength to the edifice of love and devotion.
No man more loyal, he brought with him
Everything with value in the eyes of world:
Slaves, money, goods and chattels.
He brought his horses, their hooves shining like the moon,
And his camels, mules and asses.
The Prophet said, ‘It is necessary to think of one’s family too!’
That man, who knew the secrets of love, said,
‘You are the one from whom the moon and stars
Receive the brightness of their eyes;
And you are the one for whose sake
The universe was brought into being:
The lamp is enough for the moth,
The flower is enough for the nightingale—
For Abu Bakr the Prophet of God is enough’.
[Translated by Mustansir Mir]