A Few Days in Prague

by britishmisk

Prague for me was a city that preceded its reputation. I didn’t know much about the place or what there was to see, all I knew was that it had loads of old buildings (which is usually enough incentive for me to visit a place), and many tourists go there every year. So this December I managed to have a few days annual leave left over, and in looking for a cheap new city to explore my finger landed on Prague.

The centrepiece of the city is the Charles Bridge and the surrounding area, a Gothic-era structure that is lined with Christian statues and idols, which then leads to the castle. Aside from that there’s not much else. There are a few cathedral sized churches dotted around the city, the most impressive one that we visited being St Nicholas’s which faces directly at you as you walk from the south end of Charles Bridge. After about a day and a half, we had seen pretty much all of the city’s major sights, and I was left feeling a little underwhelmed. Yes, the amount of varying types and ages of buildings are quite impressive, and it is a very nice city to see, but compared to Andalusia, there is nothing that really makes you stand back and absorb what you’re looking at.

Apart from the architecture Prague has a thriving arts scene, though whether some of that deserves to be called ‘art’ is up for debate, as you walk around the city you will inevitably encounter random pieces placed in a seemingly unusual place. I suppose the other half that is the appeal of Prague is its night scene, which may be why I didn’t get to ‘enjoy’ the city as much as a my colleagues at work said they did.

Prague is still a beautiful city, and I can see its appeal in European tourism. But the time we spent there (around three days) was more than what we needed. If you’re not going for the music and night life, two days will suffice. If you tend to lean towards staying at hostels, I would recommend Mosaic House, which turned out to be one the best places I’ve ever stayed.

Though I think for the near immediate future I will stick with the Islamic world.