Practical Advice for Prague

by britishmisk

I forgot to mention a few things in my last post with regards to Muslims visiting Prague. The following blog post is an excellent resource, which I found very useful, and from the comments you can see others have benefited as well: Islam in Prague; Resources for Muslims

As you will see from the link there is Mosque in the city centre, the road it’s on faces directly towards the front of the State Opera. It’s a in a large building with a few Arab owned shops but it’s not signposted. As you walk in, towards your left you will see a door leading to some stairs which will take you to the prayer room which acts as the Islamic centre there.

Halal takeaway food is widely available. There was even a place right in front of the hostel we were staying at. As an aside I would recommend visiting Vegetarian Dhaba Beas, vegetarian Indian food which is sold by weight. It’s cheap and cheerful food in a very nice and well decorated decorum. The Lonely Planet guide said the chefs were from North India, but the branch we bumped into, which was closer to where we were staying, had Czech cooks, though their efforts weren’t too bad!