The Qasida of Hassan bin Thabit

by britishmisk

When I saw his light shining forth,
In fear I covered my eyes with my palms,
Afraid for my sight because of the beauty of his form.
So I was scarcely able to look at him at all.
The lights from his light are drowned in his light
and his face shines out like the sun and moon in one.
A spirit of light lodged in a body like the moon,
a mantle made up of brilliant shining stars.
I bore it until I could bear it no longer.
I found the taste of patience to be like bitter aloes.
I could find no remedy to bring me relief
other than delighting in the sight of the one I love.
Even if he had not brought any clear signs with him,
the sight of him would dispense with the need for them.
Muhammad is a human being but not like other human beings.
Rather he is a flawless diamond and the rest of mankind is just stones.
Blessings be on him so that perhaps Allah may have mercy on us
on that burning Day when the Fire is roaring forth its sparks.

He was the light and the brilliance we followed,
He was sight and hearing second only to Allah,
By Allah, no woman has conceived and given birth
To one like the Messenger, the Prophet and Guide of His people.
Nor Has Allah created among His creatures,
One more faithful to His sojourner or His promise
than he who was the source of our light.
Blessed in his deeds, just and upright,
O best of mankind, It was though I were in a river,
But now, without you, I have become lonely in my thirst.

Taken from al-Miskeenah, translated by Shaykha Aisha Bewley.