The Majestic Qur’an

by britishmisk

A few months ago I came across a copy of a translation of the Qur’an entitled ‘The Majestic Qur’an’. The Shaykh whose house I was in told a group of us that it was by far his most favourite translation and what he considered to be the best available. Both Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad and Mostafa Badawi, individuals whom I have great admiration for were editors for the translation committee. And thus my hunt began. This copy is now sold out everywhere and I was unable to obtain one after many futile searches. By the grace of Allah, the Shaykh whose house I saw the translation in recently auctioned four copies to raise money for the Jawziyya Institute, three of which went for over £200. Unfortunately I was unable to obtain a copy as each time there was always some counter bidding me, so I let each of the ones I bid on go, with the intention of not having to make the other person have to pay more than they wanted to.

Thankfully however I was able to find a pdf copy online, and I would like to share it here. I’ve only gone through it briefly but it is very impressive, I’m hoping to save it for Ramadan and finally make use of the free kindle I was given that’s currently collecting dust.

The Majestic Qur’an – An English Rendition of its Meanings