Habib Ali Jifri: Muhammad – Master of Change Tour

by britishmisk

We were blessed last month to have the presence of Habib Ali Jifri visiting us in the UK. I had the opportunity to attend a weekend gathering to hear him teach Imam al-Ghazali’s 20th book the Ihya on the subject of prophetic character. For everyone there it was a deeply enriching and soulful experience to have Habib teach us the text, which became more about the inward spiritual dimension of prophetic character as opposed to the simple Shamail.

Excerpts and snippets from the weekend, as well as Habib’s other engagements can be found at this blog: Treasures for the Seeker. Just scrolling through and picking up little short quotes open up a treasure trove of wisdom within them, it’s worth taking the time to go through all of them and choosing some to spend some time reflecting on. This being one of my favourites:

Look to how great our Prophet was. Everything that was connected to him was also raised in remembrance. 1400 years later we’re talking about his donkey named Ya’fur and a mule named Dhul Dhul because they were connected to him. Even remembering them is an act of worship. The donkey is at a raised state due to its attachment. What about a heart of a believer that is attached? This donkey may be better than many human beings. The donkey didn’t eat or drink after the flight of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) due to sadness. What kind of sadness is this? Other Muslims, days pass and no tear is shed out of longing and yearning for him. This attachment increases you in degree and rank.

Radical Middle Way who hosted the event will be putting up the whole thing online soon, all the sessions put together will be quite long, but it would be very beneficial to wait and take the time to go through the whole thing, I cannot overstate the immense nature of the whole time spent there and to benefit from its recording is very worthwhile.