by britishmisk

The Humble "I"

arabian_mujahid_by_jihadprincess-d30zlt3The latest provocation against Islam takes the form of a crude film personifying and vilifying the Prophet, peace be upon him.

A trailer of this otherwise unknown movie was posted on YouTube in July, attracting very little attention until last week when a version dubbed into Arabic was posted on the same YouTube channel, after which it was copied and viewed tens of thousands of times over. The film has sparked outrage among many Muslims who, over the last few days, have taken to the streets in angry and violent protests in places like Egypt, Libya and Australia.

This isn’t the first time in recent years that Islam and its Prophet, peace be upon him, have been denigrated and insulted; nor is it likely to be the last time. The way certain Muslims have responded to such provocations tends only to reinforce the very same negative stereotypes of Islam and…

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