“Can God create a wall He cannot climb over?”

by britishmisk

I was asked this question by a work colleague of mine, when he first asked me he was little hungover, so when I started by trying to explain the infinite nature of God to frame the answer I wanted to give him, it went a little over his head. After he’d sobered up a bit a few days later he wanted to have another go at trying to understand, so here’s the gist of my answer:

First one has to understand that in Islamic theology God is an Infinite Being, He has no beginning nor end, time and space are not relevant to Him because He is the Creator of time and space. He is not a body or a soul, or any sort of tangible thing that a finite mind can understand or comprehend.

Next, if we then turn to the question itself, we need to understand, does God climb, or even move? As we mentioned before, time and space are not relevant to Him, for movement to take place here, the subject we’re talking about must be finite, i.e. there must be a limit to its existence for it to move into a space in which it does not exist. Is this relevant to God? No, if God is infinite He has no limit to His being, and therefore “climbing” or “moving” are not relevant to Him and the question itself is not valid.

There are similar variations to this conundrum, the more common one being “Can God create a stone He cannot lift”. The same logic can also be applied to that.

And to Him we return.