Book Review: Muhammad The Best of Creation – A Glimpse of his Blessed Life

by britishmisk


Any book by al-Sayyid Muhammad bin Alawi al-Makki comes recommended by me. This is recent translation of another seerah of the author’s (There are quite a few others). This particular one is a very simple breakdown of the Prophet’s ‎ life, and works by compartmentalising different aspects of the noble biography. So for example there is a section on the lineage and family of the Prophet ‎, and then gives separate lists of his wives, his uncles, his children, his wet-nurses and so on. Then there are lists of his companions who had certain tasks and duties, and who did what for him ‎. The second section of the book details main events in the life of the Prophet ‎ on a yearly basis after the first revelation.

The main benefit of this book given its style is that it will provide minute details that are otherwise lost in most other seerahs, as they will try to cover the most important topics and events as perceived by the author. This book works very well as a reference guide, and as a teaching aid for children. The only concern I would have is that for non or new Muslims, context isn’t really given for certain things, so it may raise questions that the book does not provide answers for. To that end it may be worth reading the author’s other seerah ‘Muhammad – The Perfect Man’ alongside this. But aside from that this is a great little book that is recommended for all Muslim households.