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Visiting the Saints of Morocco

After reading Michael Sugich’s excellent book, Signs on the Horizons, I felt a desire to travel back to Morocco and try to gain a taste of the things Sidi Michael had experienced during his early years in Islam. I travelled to Morocco five years ago, back then I was more of a tourist, and I […]

Reflections on a Journey: Morocco Days 5-7 (Marrakesh)

From Fes we began the longest journey by train I have ever taken, 8 hours from Fes in the east of Morocco to Marrakesh on the borders of the Sahara in the south. Along the way you will stop at a number of Morocco’s other major attractions: Rabat, Meknes and Casablanca. The scenery not as […]

Reflections on a Journey: Morocco Days 2-4 (Fes)

We began our second day by making our way to the train station in Tangier and start the 6 hour journey to the ancient imperial city of Fes, I place I had been wanting to visit ever since I first heard about it. We took a petite taxi, which are highly recommend when traveling around […]

Reflections on a Journey: Day 7 Andalucia/Day 1 Morocco

The day started with us missing our train to Algeciras. What followed was a mass of confusion for 2 hours. As I mentioned before, hardly anyone in Andalucia speaks English, after talking to the ticket salesman, I assumed he told me that the next train was at 6pm and would take 6 hours via Bobadilla […]

Reflections on a Journey: Returning

Back in 2008 I travelled through Andalucia and Morocco and wrote about my journey on this blog (Search for Andalucia or Morocco). One significant stop off we left off our list was the city of Seville, which along with Granada and Cordoba form the main triangle of cities to visit in Andalucia. So last week […]

Muhammad: Messenger of Allah (Qadi Iyad’s As-Shifa’a translated by Aisha Bewley)

“If it were not for Qadi Iyad. No one would have heard of Morocco.” I have still yet to finish this book. But given its magnificence and sublime nature I am compelled to write this and encourage others to read it. Unlike other Sira, Qadi Iyad’s does not take a sequential look at the Prophet’s […]

Book review: “The Prayer of the Oppressed” by Hamza Yusuf

One of the scholars whose new books are to me, like Christmas presents for a child, Sheikh Hamza’s latest title is a translation and discussion centred around the famous poem of Imam al-Dari’ of Morocco. Those who have a familiarity with Islam in Morocco will know of the popularity of this poem in the country. […]

Reflections on a Journey: Andalucia Day 5 & 6

Our second day in Cordoba was a Friday, so we began by going to pray Juma’a. The main Mosque in present day Cordoba is a big step down from the original one, it can be found in Plaza de Colon, which is essentially a park, in central Cordoba about 15-20 minutes walk from the historic […]

Reflections on a Journey: Andalucia Day 1

Last week I came back from a journey I was very blessed in being able to make.

For 2 weeks I wandered the vast expanses of land that at one point heralded the pinnacle of Islamic civilization. For one week I saw the sights and wonders of Granada and Cordoba in the Andalusian region of Spain. And for another week I explored the streets of Fez and Marrakech in Morocco. Over the next few days I hope to talk about and divulge the details and experiences I had on my trip, and hopefully encourage other people to do the same and take away some advice for when they get away.

Barack Obama’s speech to the Muslim world

The global online Muslim world has been quite split over Barack Obama, generally Muslims are pessimistic about everything and President Obama is no exception. Abdal Qadir as-Sufi wrote an article about his speech and began by saying he is not a very good speaker. Needless to say I didn’t really bother continuing it after the first few paragraphs seeing as even Obama’s most ardent opponents are unanimous that his oratory skills are impeccable.