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A Rendition of the Qur’an in English Poetry

A good of friend of mine is currently in the process of rendering the Qur’an into English poetry, I felt obliged to share it. Through any sort of translation a lot of things are lost from the beauty of the Qur’an, through my friend’s efforts he as attempted to maintain the poetic quality of the Qur’an in English using a mixture of the actual text, Hadith and tafsir. His site can be found here:

Please remember him in your prayers.


Key Sections of the Qur’an recited in all 10 Qira’at by Sheikh Mishary

Following on again from my previous posts. I believe that don’t have the following recordings available. So I have uploaded these for everyone’s benefit. These are important parts of the Qur’an recited all 10 schools of Qira’at consecutively. Enjoy.

Surat al-Fatiha


Last 2 verses of Surat al-Baqara

Surat al-Ikhlaas

Surat al-Falaq

Surat al-Nas

EDIT: The original links have died. Please find them reuploaded here:

Qur’an recitation in the different riwayat

Following on from the last post regarding me uploading mp3s of Sheikh Mishary reciting in riwayat, I remembered a different website where they had these recordings and plus many more. And lo behold it’s still up and running!:

You can find a large number of different recitation styles from all different Qaris here. If an mp3 is not present or a higher quality version is required feel free to get in touch with me and I can upload the copy I have.

I would recommend checking Sheikh Mishary’s rendition of Surah Maryam in Shubah ‘an-Asim, Surah Ibrahim in Duri ‘an Kisai, and Surah ar-Rahman in al-Bazzy ‘an Ibn Kathir. These 3 of some of the best Qur’anic recitations you are ever likely to hear.

Well that sure saved me a lot of upload bandwidth…

Sheikh Mishary Rashid al-Afasy recites in Khalaf ‘an-Hamza

A couple of years ago there was a site called which had a number of great Qur’an recitation mp3s, some of the best ones being of Sheikh Mishary reciting in the different qira’at of the Qur’an.

Unfortunately since then the site has gone down and these great mp3s are no longer available. Thankfully I managed to download most of them before it was removed, and I have decided as these recordings are quite difficult to find elsewhere that I will upload as many of them as I can for the benefit of our Muslim brothers and sisters. So to start off with I have put up the Sheikh reciting in the riwayah of Khalaf from Hamza:

1) Mursalaat, Naazi’aat, Buruj, Tariq, Fajr, Shams, Layl, Duha, Teen, Adiyaat, Asr.

2) Surah Yaa-Seen, as-Saaffaat, adh-Dhaariyaat, at-Toor, an-Najm.

For more information on the different Qira’at there is an excellent short article by Sheikha Aisha Bewley which can be found here:

I will insha’Allah upload more of these in the near future.


EDIT: Please see this post.

Sheikh Murtada Bakour reciting Qur’an