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I came across the following blog a couple of months back:

A sister currently residing in the blessed city of Madina al-Munawarah runs the blog and regularly posts up her own pictures of the Haramayn with words of poetry and praises. Masha’Allah it is an amazing site and it really uplifts you spiritually just by scrolling through and looking at the pictures and picking up just fragments of her words.

From her site I came across the following page run by brother also residing in Madina:

There are some really amazing shots of the city, some of the best photos that I have seen, this one in particular I really liked:

May Allah reward the brother and sister. May Allah let us all return to visit our beloved Messenger again. Ameen!


Making Hotmail default mail client for Firefox

A bit of change for this blog. I’m actually a computer science graduate (Hard to tell from my previous posts). But I came across this little nifty feature for Firefox which I just felt I had to share:

Firefox as every techy person knows is the best web browser out there for a number of different reasons. One nice little feature it has is that you can make a web based mail client as your default for when you click mailto links on web pages. It already comes bundled with the option to use GMail and Yahoo Mail, but it doesn’t come with Hotmail. But I found a way to get around this:

To make Firefox use Hotmail for mailto links, do the following.

1. Type about:config into your location bar and hit enter. If you’ve never edited used about:config before, you’ll see a warning.
2. Click “I’ll be careful, I promise!” This will bring you to the about:config window.
3. In the filter field type “gecko”. Double click the first entry gecko.handlerService.allowRegisterFromDifferentHost to change the value to true.
4. Copy and paste the text between the following text into the location bar and hit enter: javascript:navigator.registerProtocolHandler(‘mailto’,’’,’Hotmail’);
5. You will see an information bar drop down at the top of the window. Click “Add Application.” You’ve finished installing the Hotmail protocol now you just need to select it.
6. Go to Firefox>Preferences>Applications, if you are using a Mac, or Tools>Options>Applications, if you are using Windows. Now scroll down the list by content type and find mailto. In the drop-down menu to the right select “Use Hotmail”.
7. Next, return to about:config.
8. If the warning comes up again, click “I’ll be careful, I promise!”
9. In the filter field type “gecko”, and double click the first entry gecko.handlerService.allowRegisterFromDifferentHost to change the value back to false.

(Taken from

And hey presto, now I don’t need to open a new tab everytime and then copy and paste. Props to the original poster.